CAT's unique, highly acclaimed engineering services are internationally recommended for every stage of a project. Starting with pre-construction planning, CAT representatives should meet w/ your architect and designer @ the plan stage(s) of your project. CAT offers both off-site engineering services (which includes CAD custom loudspeaker enclosure dimensions, CAD acoustic room designs, CAD system layouts, and audio related construction protocols), and on-site engineering services (which includes world-wide traveling engineering/calibration/tuning teams).


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..."CAT's off-site engineering services include CAD custom loudspeaker enclosure dimensions, CAD acoustic room design (e.g. optimum acoustic room dimensions, room isolation, location and types of absorption, diffusion, and reflection materials, loudspeaker placement (including dedicated subwoofer(s) per channel (7.1 to 21.100), room balancing subwoofers - from 2 to 100 subwoofers), noise cancellation, and seating locations), system diagrams, choosing orientation, size(s) and number of CAT proprietary drivers, CAT enclosure material(s) selection, fabric selection, custom CAT product design, signal alignment, CAD product documentation, and audio related project coordination/management. CAT's on-site engineering teams travel throughout the world to engineer/calibrate/tune each CAT MBX system in your home (indoors or outdoors), state of the art recording/mix/playback studios, commercial spaces (including boardrooms, elite nightclubs, and top restaurants), mega yachts, and large scale private aircraft. CAT engineers calibrate each system w/ industry leading and defining proprietary CAT electronics (including CAT passive crossovers, CAT active crossovers, and multi-award winning CAT MBX DSP's - digital signal processors.) CAT DSP's (think of them as high speed computer based equalizers) are used to adjust for loudspeaker locations, room balancing subwoofers, room dimensions, seating locations, perforated movie screens, grill fabrics, surround loudspeaker arrays, audio "steering", frequency dividing, and individual listener's tastes. Each CAT MBX system is engineered/calibrated/tuned to maximize performance in each space (no two environments are acoustically equal). And, no two human beings hear equally. Thus, in addition to tuning the room according to perfect specifications, CAT engineers can provide additional custom settings that are tailored to each family member's ears, tastes, and preferences!