Large scale private aircraft provide some of our toughest challenges and often yield many of our greatest rewards and technical achievements. In addition to delivering unrivalled performance, reliability and customization (using precise CNC manufacturing to fine wrist watch tolerances), CAT must get each custom aircraft audio product (e.g. custom loudspeakers, amplifiers, DSP's, cables, etc.) approved by the FAA. CAT’s focus on aircraft performance approved materials (e.g. aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, 4N and 6N OCC pure copper, silver, gold platings, etc.) provide lightweight, durable, ultra reliable custom audio systems aboard private luxury aircraft that rival the sound quality of top recording/mix/playback studios.


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... CAT finds it astonishing that most large scale private aircraft still use cheap plastic speakers and inferior, low quality, low power amplifiers. Most of these plastic speaker cheap amplifier audio systems aboard private aircraft, sound no better than cheap plastic boom boxes. CAT's ability to design, engineer, and use of state of the art CNC machines to custom manufacture loudspeakers in any size, shape - including curves and angles, allows ultra high performance custom loudspeakers to "fit" and disappear into the aircraft's elite decor. CAT's custom ultra high power aircraft audio amplifiers are designed to be extremely lightweight, incredibly efficient, ultra reliable, small - no unnecessarily large cases, have the ability to accept a wide range of power voltage swings, and are armed with the best state of the art protection circuitry available. For aircraft audio systems, one of the largest costs is often in the FAA certification of products. Thus, CAT provides incredible value when compared to the price premium paid for inferior plastic speakers. Whether you desire world class theater and audio performance that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or business associates, or you wish to reduce the cabin noise with active noise cancellation, CAT provides unprecedented custom audio solutions that always "fit" and reliably perform. CAT engineers perform in-cabin calibration/tuning both on the ground and in flight, to ensure maximum performance and reliability.