CAT media rooms specialize in providing the acoustic performance of top CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX home theaters and elite recording/mix/playback studios in an aesthetically pleasing "comfortable living" manner. CAT's unique custom manufacturing and on-site calibration abilities, allow you, your family and friends to enjoy your favorite movies, concerts and sporting events in a family or living room setting. No longer do you have to build a dedicated home theater room!

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...Uniquely, CAT is the only ultra high performance loudspeaker manufacturer that truly designs, engineers, and custom manufactures each loudspeaker enclosure to any size and shape necessary to "disappear" into your walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, etc. Yes, CAT gives you the ability to have substantially far better than movie theater sound that "fits" into your standard 2" by 4" and 2" by 6" walls and ceilings w/ at least 3.5" of depth! In fact, CAT MBX media rooms rival most top recording/mix/playback studios in sound quality! CAT's proprietary curvilinear aluminum coned drivers (which boast increased accuracy and off-axis dispersion), allow you to sit closer to your screen or television. CAT's proprietary curvilinear aluminum driver cones also dissipate heat allowing for substantially greater power handling capabilities than paper or polypropylene drivers cones - commonly used throughout the A/V industry. The "winning team" combination of CAT's proprietary curvilinear aluminum coned drivers, powered by CAT's proprietary ultra high power amplifiers and on-site engineered/calibrated/tuned by CAT's traveling engineering teams armed w/ proprietary CAT DSP's - digital signal processors (think of DSP's as state of the art computer controlled equalizers), allow you to place heavy, non-acoustically friendly fabrics in front of your speakers that would otherwise be off-limits to normal loudspeakers (due to their unwanted heavy absorption characteristics). CAT MBX proprietary DSP's - digital signal processors, allow CAT's on-site engineering teams to make all necessary adjustments to accommodate for your chosen fabrics, perforated leathers, horsehairs, perforated movie screens, and custom loudspeaker grill options (including exotic hardwoods, metals, etc.) CAT allows designers and architects the choice of thousands of custom fabrics and CAT custom manufactured loudspeaker grille options to create a family or living room space that appears void of any technology until ... you, your family and friends gently touch your easy to operate touch screen and you "FEEL" and "HEAR" your favorite performances!