CAT Marine focuses on performance materials (e.g. Corian, Avonite, MBX105, 304, 316, 316L, and 2205 stainless steel, carbon fiber and titanium) that are designed to handle the elements and stress of harsh sun, salt water, vibrations, excessive heat, cold and expansion/contraction. Similar to the focus on lightweight materials for an America’s cup racing yacht, CAT Marine loudspeakers, amplifiers, DSP's, loudspeaker and XLR cables are designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide extremely reliable, ultra high performance audio reproduction at both low and rock concert volume levels with the accuracy, clarity, musicality and realism that our yacht, sports fishermen, and mega yacht owners deserve and expect from CAT Marine!


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... This unique, unprecedented approach encompasses our entire CAT Marine system down to the custom loudspeaker enclosures, proprietary CAT Marine drivers, custom loudspeaker driver baffle plates, gold plating on our CAT Marine amplifier boards, and stainless steel screws, nuts and washers. Loudspeaker enclosures are crafted out of the finest marine proven materials including Corian, Avonite, MBX105, aluminum, stainless steel (304, 316, 316L and 2205), carbon fiber and titanium. An extensive array of custom grills is available in materials as diverse as exotic hardwoods, copper, aluminum, stainless steels, carbon fiber, titanium, and bronze. This ensures that aesthetics are just as unrivaled as the performance. Whether you are building a mega yacht or a sport fisher we provide you the ability to “Rock” at any volume level you wish (loud and clear enough to throw epic parties and/or go wave running to music around your yacht). Or, due to CAT Marine's unparalleled acoustic accuracy that rivals top recording/mix/playback studios, you can unwind with a glass of fine wine and enjoy the delicate musical subtleties of a jazz quartet or virtual symphony (even @ whisper low volume levels). Listen to Handel the way the king of England did 300 years ago! Or, enjoy your outdoor CAT Marine Home Theater at any time day or night (with the correct video display - fixed panel display and/or projector)! Our unrivaled ability to meld into your marine environment ensures that the audio experience you desire can fit into any area you wish. CAT Marine prides itself on saying "yes" to manufacturing custom audiophile grade marine audio systems (that satisfy even the most discerning clients, marine architects, and designers tastes for architectural and aesthetic beauty. Can you imagine having the flexibility to watch a sporting event by day, or a movie under the stars in an exotic ocean setting with your friends, family, and children? We have crafted numerous marine theaters both indoor and outdoor allowing you to enjoy your yachts present locale while still watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Imagine turning the sundeck into your own nightclub by day and night. CAT Marine's unrivaled "ultra high audio horsepower" output allows for an effortless transition from low volume music with dinner to far better than nightclub performance! All of this while still ensuring world class reliability and value!