CAT’s outdoor audio systems are designed to deliver ultra high performance audio in the most extreme conditions (for outdoor home theaters, concerts, swimming pool "clubs", and background audio systems). By utilizing robust, waterproof and water resistant materials (e.g. exterior HDF, marine grade plywood, Corian, Avonite, MBX105, concrete, marble, granite, aluminum, 304, 316, and 316L stainless steel, carbon fiber, and titanium), CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX outdoor audio systems deliver unrivalled audio performance and reliability at both low and ultra high rock concert volume levels while maintaining pure audiophile clarity! Uniquely, CAT manufacturers its own multi-award winning proprietary loudspeaker drivers (woofers, midranges and tweeters), and proprietary crossovers exclusively for exterior/outdoor use.


... CAT manufactures exterior/outdoor loudspeaker enclosures that fit "disappear" into exterior walls, awnings, pool areas, exterior columns and landscape environments. Just a century ago, and for the previous millennium, wealthy and/or fortunate people enjoyed outdoor music several times throughout their daily lives (during afternoon tea, to relax w/ a glass of fine wine or cigar, and to enjoy world class performances (e.g. solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, and full symphonies)! The music quality was perfect as live musicians performed playing real instruments. Outdoor environments do not face all of the acoustic challenges that plague indoor spaces, thus in most cases, outdoor environments are acoustically superior to indoor environments. Today, with all the superior technology available, why would any fortunate person who lives in an elite home, choose to listen to outdoor music played through cheap plastic speakers or cheap plastic rocks (neither of which sounds any better than a cheap plastic boom box)? Though CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX outdoor systems can deliver clean, precise, accurate sound at rock concert volume levels, the awesome sonic experience doesn’t always have to be loud. CAT's outdoor audio systems can also be enjoyed softly as you hear musical details and whispers as your favorite musician caresses the strings of their instrument or breathes into the microphone as you sip your tea, fine wine or spirit. Why have a pair of cheap plastic rock speakers outside when you can have speakers made out of real stone? Not only does that look infinitely better, but stone performs much better than plastic as well. CAT’s incredible ability to custom manufacture design and engineer ultra high performance audio systems allow you to address your exterior environments (the most overlooked areas yet often the most used areas to socialize outside your home or yacht). There are few things as fun as watching a movie outside under the stars with the option of reclining on a pool side seat or floating in the pool itself. Employing our custom CAT amplifiers, CAT DSP’s, and CAT cabling ensure that you hear every detail that the director/producer and musician(s) intended for you and your family to enjoy!