Imagine how impactful and inspirational your business presentations to your present and future clients, investors, stock holders, and all business allies will be when they are properly immersed in an accurate surround sound and video performance of your essential business media! CAT's ultra reliable, high performance custom Presentation Venue sound systems allow the listener to HEAR and FEEL the excitement your company, your products, and your services have to offer! In addition, you can build positive morale and reward your employees, their families, your family and friends, and your present and future clients and business relationships as you use your CAT Presentation Venue system to show movies, concerts, and sporting events in a setting that is sonically, visually and aesthetically superior to all movie theater, concert, and sporting venues!


... CAT's unique ability to manufacture custom loudspeaker enclosures in any size or shape, allows world class audio performance to be placed into standard 2" by 4" or 2" by 6" walls, ceilings, etc. If you don't want to place a CAT custom Presentation Venue sound system into your standard walls (your walls may be made of concrete, brick, stone, etc.), you can simply build a new 2" by 4", or 2" by 6" wall out of wood or metal suds that simply sits directly in front of your existing concrete, brick, or stone wall. This newly constructed wall, can also be easily removed when you move, and you can easily take your custom CAT Presentation sound system with you (to be placed into a wall in your new facility). Of course, in this scenario, you would want to contract one of CAT's worldwide traveling engineering teams to re-calibrate/tune your system (for 2, 3, or 4 days) in your new business (or home) environment. CAT's proprietary aluminum coned loudspeaker drivers, will dissipate the heat from CAT's large driver motors (which are required to produce the SPL - sound pressure level) necessary to play loud (and clean) enough to play through the sonically challenging fabrics that will be placed in front of your custom CAT Presentation Venue system. Semi-acoustically transparent architectural stretch tight fabrics (e.g. Eurospan), and even perforated screen materials, perforated leathers, and other semi-transparent, semi-acoustic fabrics do not perform as well as proper loudspeaker grill material. Fortunately, CAT's ultra high audio horsepower aluminum drivers and amplifiers, teamed with CAT's multi-award winning DSP's - Digital Signal Processors (which allow millions of in-room sonic adjustments/equalization) and on-site engineering/calibration/tuning, let you, your family, friends, business teammates, and your present and future clients enjoy world class audio performance in a professional (or home) environment (in your walls, ceilings, etc.)! Your business will benefit on multiple levels!