CAT engineers thrive on taking world class recording studios to the next level! CAT engineers truly enjoy hearing the positive CAT accolades from the world's top recording/mix/playback studio engineers and famous "A" list recording artists! CAT adores working with Grammy and Oscar winners, and top directors, producers, movie and song writers, and discerning clients!



... From Hollywood to Sundance to Tribeca to Toronto, to Cannes, Moscow, Beijing and Sydney, CAT prides itself on saying "YES" to the high demands and dreams of top recording engineers, artists, and fortunate clients who truly demand the absolute pinnacle in custom designed, engineered, manufactured, and on-site engineered/calibrated/tuned audio systems. CAT's "one stop shopping" approach, allows CAT engineers to design and custom manufacture every aspect of the custom CAT MBX audio system to perform flawlessly together! CAT manufacturers every custom component of the audio system (including the custom CAT loudspeaker enclosures, CAT loudspeaker drivers, CAT amplifiers, CAT DSP's - digital signal processors, CAT XLR interconnects, and CAT loudspeaker cables). As you could and should expect, CAT's "one stop shopping approach" greatly increases performance, accuracy, quality, reliability, and value! Top recording engineers love working w/ CAT engineers "off-site engineering" from the initial studio design to completion. The ability to choose superior, exotic materials (e.g. MBX105, Marble, Granite, Concrete, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, carbon fiber and titanium), design custom CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX loudspeaker enclosures (including any angle, shape, size, etc.), choose CAT driver dispersion, orientation, signal alignment, off-axis and on-axis accuracy, speed, musicality, and SPL capabilities is a recording engineer's dream! CAT's unique custom CNC machining and manufacturing capabilities (to wrist watch accuracy) makes the recording engineers, superstars, and astute clients dreams come true!