2012 ISE – Integrated Systems Europe – Show Highlights

Newport Audio, CAT – California Audio Technology, CAT ELITE, CAT MBX, Cineak Seating, TK (Theo Kalomirakis) Theaters, TK Living, and Theta Digital celebrated their best ISE show ever! ISE attendance cleared 40,000, and well over a 1,000 qualified attendees spent quality time meeting our engineers, factory representatives, and interacting with our industry leading products in our gorgeous shared ISE display booth!

In addition to sharing a beautiful and wonderfully interactive ISE booth, Newport Audio, CAT, CAT ELITE, CAT MBX, Cineak Seating, TK (Theo Kalomirakis) Theaters, TK Living, and Theta Digital work closely with A/V integrators, clients, architects, designers, builders, and designers throughout the world!  Our products and services are truly unrivaled, complement each other seamlessly, and provide unprecedented performance, reliability, design, functionality, customization, and support to you and your clients!

Newport Audio, CAT, CAT ELITE, and CAT MBX showcased our newest proprietary loudspeaker drivers, marine drivers and loudspeakers (designed and engineered for mega yachts and extreme outdoor ultra high performance audio systems), amplifiers (including the multi-award winning CAT MBX 1200.2 FD XPR amplifier), multi-award winning CAT MBX 8×8 XLR DSP – digital signal processor, 4N, 6N, and 6N OCC loudspeaker cables, 6N and silver XLR interconnect cables, and our newest CAT MBX 1000S88S111111 in-wall loudspeaker (U.S. retail $110,000 ea.) – pictured above in this email.

CAT - California Audio Technology showcases the awesome CAT MBX 1000S88S111111 in-wall loudspeaker (U.S. retail $110,000 ea.) at the 2012 ISE Show

Cineak Seating showcased the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, best constructed, standard and custom theater and living space furniture in the audio/video industry!  Opulent motorized theater seating (both standard and custom), sofas (both standard and custom), and barstools are just some of the new offerings that had designers, A/V integrators, clients, architects, and builders flocking to our booth to feel the supple leathers, marvel at the design and style, and relax as they enjoyed the engineering and craftsmanship of our luxurious furniture!

TK Theaters and TK Living showcased hundreds of fantastic proprietary fabrics, wall coverings, leathers, hardwoods, carpets, acoustic materials, loudspeaker grilles, lights, and pictures from elite theaters they designed and constructed throughout the world.

Theta Digital showcased their newest multi-award winning Casablanca III HD audio/video processor armed with Dirac digital signal processing and the best, most accurate and musical D/A convertors ever to be housed in an A/V processor!

Newport Audio, CAT, CAT ELITE, CAT MBX, Cineak Seating, TK (Theo Kalomirakis) Theaters, TK Living, and Theta Digital all specialize in customization, performance, reliability, engineering, design, CNC manufacturing, wrist watch craftsmanship, and unequalled support.  Our shared booth was glistening with elite materials (including exotic fabrics, leathers, and hardwoods, Corian, Avonite, MBX 105, marble, granite, concrete, 304, 316, 316L, and 2205 stainless steels, carbon fiber, and titanium)!

We wish to thank the press for all the positive accolades and attention they gave us throughout the show (including the filming of multiple videos and articles).

We wish to thank the thousand (+) qualified attendees (including top A/V integrators and their clients, architects, builders, and designers) for spending quality time in our booth and their endless compliments and accolades of all our new unprecedented products!  We look forward to working with them as we help significantly increase the performance, reliability, design, customization, and ease of use of their projects throughout the world (including distributed audio in elite homes – both indoor and outdoor, ultra high performance home theaters, recording/re-mastering/mix/playback studios, boardrooms, nightclubs, restaurants, mega yachts, and large scale private aircraft).

Factory support and sales representatives, designers, and engineers at Newport Audio, CAT, CAT ELITE, CAT MBX, Cineak Seating, TK (Theo Kalomirakis) Theaters, TK Living, and Theta Digital are looking forward to helping you and your teammates with any questions you may have on our existing products, our newest product offerings, services (both off-site and on-site), and support.  Please call or email us @ +1-415-299-9500 or anlevine@calaudiotech.com